From the Homepage you can enter the outtakes section of
The Search for Giuseppe by selecting one of the 2 road photos at the top. Those links will guide you on two different pathways you can travel to experience additional footage from the film. Every page in the outtakes section has one large photo and one movie. The movie selections are to give a hint of the feature film but are often from early edits, behind the scenes footage, motorcycle events or archival material.

On every page after the Homepage, you will come across icons like the ones below.


This Icon will have a brief description of what you will see if you follow that link. Some of the directions are under construction, but more will be added so keep checking back.
This Icon represents an outtake or additional footage that you can watch. Select either BIG or SMALL depending on your connection speed. The BIG format is for those who have a broadband connection and the SMALL format works with a 56k modem.


You will need RealPlayer or Quicktime to view the movies on our site.
To download Real Player or Quicktime click here:

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